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I know I haven't written in ages but I was super busy!

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Duh. I mean everyone talks about this but it is truly amazing! It clears you skin, helps you hair and improves your personality! It can make you happier and even more energetic.

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Ok this one may sound a little stare but its super important. I am a christian, catholic, and every morning I read some quotes or a passage from the bible and write whatever I read down. It is a time to think about bettering yourself as a person and appreciating life. If you are not Christian you can always do a similar this with a self-help book or, my fave, and Intellectual Devotional. It even improves your handwriting for beautiful notes etc.

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I do dance so I have to stretch regularly. But even if you don't stretching has so many benefits and you will look and feel ike a ballerina. Glamorous to the top!

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morning cocktail
Ok so this isn't really a cocktail but... Ingredients include: two capfuls of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of Manuka honey and half a lemon juice. This starts your immune system, boosts your metabolism and hydrates you in the morning. I use it in substitute of coffee first thing. I drink it before coffee! It tastes amazing and can totally clear you skin. It has a bunch of other benefits but those are the main ones that I love.

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Ok... reading expands your mind and if super good for you. Many people spend so much time on laptops and their phones, it is good to take a good break.

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Ok so follow me for more! xx