Dear x

Our time together was just full of emotion; anger and laughter and eventually... love I guess. When I look at you my heart feels like its going to explode. I smile when I think about you. I hate it when you look at me but I hate it when you look away.

I always told myself I wouldn't let myself fall for you but i did stupidly. When you're not in the room it feels empty and when you are it feels - it feels electric.

And you laughed with me too I mean it wasn't completely a one way thing; you'd play with me and annoy me and I guess a small part of my mind let myself believe it was - flirting? Banter?

I thought we were friends at least.

But I was wrong because you dropped us. You don't dare to let your eyes drift to me and uttering a word to me seems like the furthest thing from your mind.

I don't know what I was to you but you meant a lot to me.

UnexpectedRainbow xx


Had to stop because I can't stop crying and its distracting (i thought I was getting over him) :(