You know, that I'm a beginner in Spanish, but I do believe in Globalization, because traveling means one about thousand things you can make it for.

I want to give you 3 tips about the advantages of being a foreigner meeting new people, because, yes, Globalization is here, old man.

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It´s a newest thing for all, you start to realize that you used to lived in a "little box", like in Sponge Bob knowing if you are creative enough to live inside of it, but the bubble has a bunch of new experiences to go and learning, and stay alert... of, again, NEW THINGS
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You'll be unconsciously required to socialize, whether in the college or near by your guest house, you will need to transmit all your needs, you will forgive the repetition.
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Try to be you making this new friends from the country where you are, and enjoy the experience, I can't describe how exciting is this last part, and for exmaple in 2 days will be Halloween, and you would have improve your skills of customizing your disguise with a little bit of help.
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Enough for the moment,
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More surprises and a Daily blog will coming soon