none of us is perfect.

it seems obvious but we tend to forget that when we look in the mirror.

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i don't like the word "flaw" because it feels like it's such a bad thing.
you're not flawed, your don't have faults.
these little things that make you imperfect, they make you more human.

i like to call them them small weaknesses.
i'm too sensitive, and my moods swing a lot, i can be very annoying with what i'm passionate,...

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those make me imperfect, true, but :

.it's not my fault. i didn't chose to be that way so all i can do is accept them as a part of myself and love them.

.behind all these weaknesses hides usually a good thing : being too sensitive makes you more empathic, too passionate makes you live the things you like 10x more,...
so instead of thinking of the bad in it, try to look for the good it brings you.

.you can improve yourself. you're not a statue (ithink?), not made of stone.
so all these weaknesses, if you hate them so much, you can change them.
it won't be easy, will take time & some will, but you can do it if you want to.

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so : you shouldn't be ashamed of your weaknesses. they are a part of yourself, something that makes you you.
accept them , learn to love them, seek the good in them.
self-love is about loving you as a whole.

i'm not blaming anyone not liking their weaknesses, it is tough and take some time.
take your time.
these are just some thoughts about a key to self-love & happiness, i think.

as always : take care, love you <3

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