Hello hearters, last night I was thinking what should I write about and then it came to my mind that I should write about relationship tips. I have been in few relationships and now I can see what I did wrong, so I decided to share that with you guys. Let's start.

#1 Be honest

No matter what always be honest, tell other person your opinion. You don't need to agree on anything if you don't feel like that.

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#2 Don't be available 24/7

Take time for yourself. Don't put your needs in the second place. When you are avaliable 24/7 for someone,they get bored and they think that you'll be there for them no matter what they do.

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#3 Say NO

You don't need to do anything. If something will make you feel bad just say no.Don't let other person to manipulate you into doing something that you don't feel comfortable with.

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#4 Communication is the key

For successful relationship communication is really the key. Whenever you have problems just talk about it. Try to find a way so you both can be happy. Trust me it works.

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#5 Stay faithful

No matter what you should stay faithful. If other person cheats don't do the same show that you're bigger person and dump them, you deserve better. If you stop to like or love someone just tell them, don't do things behind their back just not to hurt them because you'll hurt them even more.

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#6 Do fun things together

To make relationship more interesting you should do some fun things together. Go for a walk, go to concert, do face masks, I don't know do whatever you guys like.

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#7 Don't let other person control you

You should be your own person, don't let them control you or your life.

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#8 Trust

To be with someone you need to trust them otherwise there is no future for you guys.

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#9 Make time for friends

Never forget who was there for you before your relationship. Don't put them in a second place. Don't spend your time only with your lover. Lovers come and go but true friends stay with you.

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That would be it for this article. I hope you like it and see you soon.

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