First of all, I want to say a little bit about how they came into my life: I was in grade 10 when one of my best friend has introduce me to k-pop. (I still can't thank her enough for that) We started becoming friends because we both like anime and manga, so we instantly clicked. She introduced me to Exo, when they were still OT12 (I still miss them being together and Tao was my bias so i was very sad when he leaved the group), it was the same year that I discovered BTS. My first song was 'Dope', i fell in love with them instantly especially the Golden Maknae Jungkook. I started to search about them because I was curious about them. I started to learn their name and their other songs and without realizing it i became an Army.

One year after, I started to have depression because of some family issues, my parents and brother were fighting a lot and he was putting all his anger on me at the time, he would say a lot of hurtful things to me and we stopped talking for a long period of time. Because of work my parents were not really at home and we were not spending that much time together. I had also some issues at school with of of my friend who thought that me and her boyfriend were having a thing together just because i was friend with him (she is not going out with him anymore but we are not friends like we used to be). It was very tiring for me, I started to think that maybe it was because of me that all those things were happening and that maybe I should kill myself. I started to think low of myself and started to self-harm. I have scares on my arms, belly and thighs. I was closing myself and stopped interacting that much with my friends. They tried to help me and it worked at first but with time it got worst. I started to have insomnia, i was starving myself and cried myself to sleep every nights.

Through their music, i was able to feel a little happiness and was looking forward to listen to them at night to help me think of something else instead of cutting. I was fed up with my depression and wanted to get better, and I did. I'm two years clean now and the situation at home started to get a little better. Bts were the only one who were able to make me smile and laugh. They are my cute dorks. I listened to them everyday and it helped a lot, especially the Love Yourself series that they have released on 2017. I started to love myself a little more than before and actually started to enjoy my life with my friends and parents. It's still a little difficult for me to have a conversation with my brother but at least he is not yelling at me anymore and he stopped the insults a little.

I will never regret becoming part of BTS's family and my new family Army. I will forever appreciated what they did for me even though i'm just a fan and they doesn't even know i exist but i still want to thank them so:
Thank You Bangtan!
Thank You Army!
and Thank you my friends for being here for me!
I love you guys a lot!
I purple you!