Hello pals! I know I haven't written in a while, but I've been very busy with school and work. But, because this is my diary and I had an absolutely incredible weekend, I figured I'd tell you all my adventures.

Perhaps it all begins with my two friends, Cody and Cody. They're best friends who live together and do everything together. When I lived up in New Hampshire, we would go on Sundays to a diner nearby and it was always in a large group. Cody F is a tattoo covered, punk-loving, straight edge bro. He's a great friend who is fierce in his support but can come off harshly. Cody R is basically a perfect Hufflepuff. He'd give you the shirt off his back. He loves anime and avoids all confrontation, which is why he and F complete each other.

So since moving to Maryland, I met a guy. We'll call him Sam*. Sam was one of the first people I swiped on Tinder back in August when I moved here. In a few days, I'll have known him for three months. He's so incredibly cool. He's a film student who does photography direction and his work is fantastic. We love all the same musicians, we love so many similar movies, and we vibe really well. He'd been so busy that we only went on one date back in the beginning of October or end of September. I'd seen another guy back in September and was in limbo with a guy recently. But Sam and I still talked regularly, almost daily.

The Adventure Begins

A coworker of mine invited me to a Chi Phi fraternity party. A few friends who were going to go bailed, so I thought I might too. That was until I got talking to Sam, who said he was going to a party down the street, of a guy from the same frat. So naturally, I had to go.

I went to the one I was invited to and was pretty lonely in my sexy Halloween nurses costume (the blink-182 nurse specifically). I talked to a cute Chi Phi guy dressed as Johnny Depp from Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, but Sam called me. He was waiting outside. I walked out, and sure enough, he was dressed as the protagonist of Her, that Spike Jonze movie that won an Oscar, about the dude who fell in love with his Siri. We walked down the street together. I was stumbling across the grass with my beer-induced buzz, heels in hand. We caught up, giggling of things I can't remember now that I'm sober.

We entered the party where he had just been, which was less crowded, and had the familiar sounds of meme songs and pop punk serenading the building. It didn't reek of smelly guys and pot. Instead, it was the sweet scent of spilt jungle juice. Sam got us both drinks and we left the beer pong room for upstairs. By now, my heels were back on. He introduced me to a few friends. They had odd resemblances to the Codys. The host had a striking comparison to Cody R, and had a spot on costume of Dipper from Gravity Falls. He was carrying a box of mini wheats around. The other friend was the drummer of a fairly popular ska band and was dressed as Starlord. They were so friendly and great.

Soulja Boy came on and for whatever reason, it was the song that finally got my trashed ass to start dancing. So Sam and I danced together. It was a song or two more until we went to the backyard and he played beer pong while I talked to some amazing girls dressed as Doodlebob. The starlord guy lost the beer pong game to Sam and we all stood by as Dipper shaved Starlord's nipples. Sam and I went back in because I heard a good song, which of course I can't remember now. We jammed out to another one, Check Yes Juliet, and then went upstairs to go pee. We got into a lovely conversation with a girl dressed as David Bowie and her friend, a lady Elton John. We talked about nude modeling for art classes and exchanged instagrams. While Sam was in the bathroom, I took a selfie in a bean bag chair that I honestly don't remember.

We jammed out for just a tad bit more, but then he asked if I wanted to go back to his place. The answer was an obvious yes. The entire Uber ride back, we couldn't stop talking. We got back to his place and I changed into his clothes. We collapsed onto his bed because we were exhausted, and did some sloppy making out before finally catching some sleep. I think I even fell asleep mid sentence because I can't remember ever shutting up.

I woke up three hours later in his arms. I had to pee, which woke him up. We started the sloppy makeouts again, which led to head, which ultimately led to a very tired and half-drunk sex session that I loved despite the eventual failure. We went to go back to sleep, but couldn't.

We left to go get his car. My sexy nurse costume was not going back on, so I wore his clothes but unfortunately still stumbled out in heels. It looked funny, that's for sure. We got his car then went to my place so I could change into something decent, then headed over to the diner to have a hungover breakfast with that big group of his friends.

They were all so friendly, and reminded me even more of the Codys now. The diner environment reminded me so much of back home. It was the most at ease I've felt since being at college. These were the kinds of people I'd been waiting to find.

Sam paid for my breakfast and walked me back to my car so I could leave for work. Once I got to work, we were still texting, and he brought my hungover ass a coffee. It was the sweetest way to end a great 24 hours.

Overall, it felt like a movie. The walking to the dancing to the costumes to the slow sex, even the perfect morning after. He's amazing and I can't wait to see more of him.