My eyes hurt everytime I see you being with her in my mind.

The burning sensation I get on my fingertips whenever I touch something yours makes me never wanting to touch anything else in my life.

Whenever I hear your voice,million thoughts flash before me - what the hell went wrong?

I can't sleep very well honestly. Your ocean eyes are keeping me from breathing.

But honey, I can't swim.

Do you realize how much I miss your smile and laugh?

Everything is just so grey, but grey was your favorite.

Silence. And chaos at the same time.

Touch my neck gently for the first time, and kiss me like it's the last day on Earth,

Dance with me in the rain and love me in your car...

Why didn't you love me in the first place?

Wasn't my all enough for you?

Everytime I walk out the door, you're right there, waiting for me.
And everytime I get back from work I see you sitting on our bench wanting to talk about how our day went.

But honey, you only ever talked about your problems.
And I was the one fixing them.

Then why the hell I still want to be with you?

I'm drowning, please have mercy in my mind.

Let me let you go and you'll never ever see me again. I promise.

But my promise is going to be like the ones you broke.

I'm not so sure myself why I still make attempts even after you just leave on a seen.

But honey, I still wait for you to text me back
While I sing your song every night...