Ok, soo lately I’ve thinking about it a lot, about what does it mean to be special. It’s a talent or maybe it is just a characteristic that some humans have, well if it a talent, then let me tell you I’m the most untalented person in the world (ok, maybe I’m just exaggerate a little bit), I am no good at singing or dancing, I can’t paint and I’m horrible at sports, so what makes me special, that is a question I been having for almost all of my life, specially because I remember seeing my friends having something that makes the special, some of them were good at school, other were good at sports, and a few were good at everything. So what was wrong with me? Why I’m not good at anything?, that really made me questioning Am I special? And the thing is that not knowing that can be really frustating
So, not being special made me feel bad? Actually it didn’t, because even if I knew that I wasn’t special I knew that I matter (but the way, friendly reminder that we all matter ), so because of that not being special was fine for me, I mean I was just going to be another regular person in the world. Until I realize that every single person in the planet is special, including me, why? Well because as humans we’re all different, and yes some people are going to have incredible talents and some other (including me) are not, that doesn’t make us any less special, why? Because being special It’s not about having talents, It’s about being yourself, and I know this sounds very cliche, but it’s true, what make us special is the way to see the world, the things we like or dislike, and even the way we act.
So if you feel like me, like you are not special, just because you are not good at something, just remember being special it’s not about what you can do, it’s about who you are