Elpida, in Greek means hope

Face & Hair

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Elpida is 16 years old and has a fresh, natural face.


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She has a tall, slim body with long legs.


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She loves to inspire others and wants to motivate everyone for a new start.


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She has a very chic, elegant style and she loves jewellery.


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She lives in a Greek/Roman styled castle.


cat, animal, and white image cat, animal, and cute image Image by Aჳεթδαйðжαηка✓ rabbit, animal, and flowers image
She has a white cat named Aphrodite, a striped cat named Arthur, a dog named Molière and a bunny named Iris.


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She like shiny crowns with pearls and gems.


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In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing, drawing, taking pictures and listening to music.

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