Hello people! <3

I hope you are doing well! In this articles, I want to let you know a little bit of myself.

1. My name is Cara.
2. I am from Austria, a lot of people think that Germany and Austria are the same countries but there are separate ones.
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If you want an Article about Austria, write me.
3. I was borne near Vienna, but I am living in a small town.
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4. I have green eyes and brown hair.
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5. I have seen a lot of Austria. I also visited London, Barcelone and Berin. In the summer I often go on holiday to Greece, Croatia or Turkey.
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6. My birthday is on December the 6th.
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7. I love music, I think I can not live without it.
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8. I can play the flute and I am taking singing lessons. I want to learn how to play the piano.
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9. I can speak German. I am learning English and Spanish.
10. My favourite food is Pasta.
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11. I have a little sister.
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12. I want to read more books. I love to use the app Wattpad, there are really good books. If you want some recommendations just write me.
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13. I am smiling most of the time. Some people maybe think am crazy.
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14. I have a lot of dreams for my future, but I do not think I can achieve them.
15. I hate when people talk stupid thinks.
16. I like children, this is why I attend the secondary training college for nursery school teaching. But I am not going to work in a kindergarten, I want to study.
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17. I like to be in control
18. I never change for someone.
19. I want to start a healthy life.
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20. I am scared of the death.

Thank you for reading,

All the love,

Cara <3