If I had to say how I feel right now in a word it would be-despondent.
But I don't want to feel like this. I usually do something that motivates me or makes me feel better and hola I'll be better. But now even after doing all that I still feel gloomy. This sucks. Hopefully writing this article about my emotions will make me feel better.

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I think writing is my last resort to help me resolve my feelings.
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I think about writing a diary but I never do it. Should I do it? I think I'll start from today. It may help me understand my problems. Hope it works.

This year has been the worst year for me but I have learnt a lot too. I think it's all for good but I do know that everything that has happened still affects me. I'm trying to get over it all but anxiety is causing me a whole lot of unnecessary problems. I get anxious about stuff and then end up avoiding it and distracting myself and then that causes me further anxiety...such a vicious cycle.

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We shouldn't allow anxiety to take over and control our life. We need to fight it all the way until we triumph.