Hello my lovelies! Today's article i'll be sharing tips on how to make friends when you feel like everyone in your school hates you.

Tell yourself that not everyone in your school hates you.
Tell yourself that there is someone there for you. (maybe they're shy to talk to you)
Tell yourself that everything is going to be OK. (it will be)
Tell yourself all of this and believe.
Please believe.
Believe in yourself.

Try not to think about everyone else.
Right now think about you.
Don't think on why you feel like everyone hates you.
Focus on who you are.
Focus on who you want to become.
Become a better, kinder person.
Be confident in yourself.

Remind yourself that you are not alone. It may feel like it but you are not.
Remind yourself that there may be someone in your school who feels the same way as you do. (reach out to them)
Remind yourself that school doesn't last forever.
Remind yourself that school is for learning.

Go out of your way to talk to people. Give compliments. Be kind. If you are shy, you cannot be shy. Don't be shy. Dont be shy for 10 seconds. That is all you need to go up to a person & start a conversation.
You don't have to make friends at school. Go to your favorite bookstore, cafe, church, etc. Start up a conversation.
If things aren't going well at your school, talk to your parents. Tell them what's going on. Maybe they can transfer you to another school. Or consider online school.

I hope this article helps you & reminds that you are not alone and everything is going to end up OK. Thank you so much for reading.
And to the one who messaged me asking for this article, remember, you are beautiful & unique in your own way, with new friends or not yet ;)
besitos y abrasitos from yours truly
p.s. feel free to message me any suggestions you have for articles.