A few times ago, I made an article in which I talked about the things that made me fall for Min Yoongi. Though I never really admitted that, at that time, Taehyung was a huge bias wrecker. He's been a bias wrecker since July 2017. I thought it wouldn't last but turns out: it did. So now I've come to the conclusion that I ult Taegi.
So now, let me give you a few reasons why I love Kim Taehyung SO much.

1: His deep voice.

Okay it can sound a bit stupid... and I understand. But I've always had a thing for deep voices. The way he can harmonize with the rest of the vocal line even the vocal range isn't the same at all. He's the only baritone of the vocal line (Seokjin, Jimin and Jungkook are tenor) yet his voice always feels perfect in every vocal line songs. Also, just because he has a very deep voice doesn't mean he can't reach high notes. Just listen to Stigma and you'll see. He's a wonderful, talented singer and his voice calms me so much.

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2: His interest for art

Taehyung knows a lot about artist from different eras and his knowledge is quite impressing. He has already explained that Van Gogh is his favorite painter, and I really love when he talks about the thing he loves, such as art. He knows what he's talking about and he makes the subject even more interesting.

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And he makes the art look even more beautiful.

3: His photography skills

Taehyung gets to travel a lot since he's an idol who goes on tour quite often. I couldn't help but notice that he often manages to post picture of the cities he visits. I love to look at the pictures he takes sometimes, I feel like travelling to all those beautiful places as well.
Photography is one of his passions too and he even became friend with a famous photographer and they both formed the duo 'Vante'.
Last year they kept posting pictures of beautiful landscapes and tagging each other it was really cute.

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4: His fashion

Taehyung's sense of style is one of my favorite along with Namjoon. He has tried a lot of styles and each of them suited him perfectly. (I'm starting to think that nothing doesn't look good on him...) But the thing that I love the most is that he doesn't care about what others have to say about his style. When he let his hair grow and got a mullet (that I miss a lot...) a lot of people were rude with him and asked him to cut his hair, well guess what ? He didn't really care and continued to be the most beautiful human to exist.
Althugh his mullet is gone, it remains one of his best hair style, BLESS.

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5: His social butterfly personality

He's so good at making friends that's?? amazing?? I kinda envy people like him who can just go around and talk to people and make friends easily. He seems to be avery loyal friend, apparently he's still in contact with his high school friends. (i'm not sure about this though, I just saw that on Twitter.) But I mean.. he's friend with the Korean President and the first lady... name a man more friendly than Taehyung, i'll wait. I'm sure he would be the perfect friend to joke around with, he would be funny and cheer you up when you need it. But we're just fans sooo... let's just listen to singularity I guess.

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6 Some details that caught my attention

  • His habit to sleep while hugging a pillow/someone
  • His hidden talent: rapping!
  • The way he loves his family
  • His ethereal beauty
  • His beautiful smile
  • His cheerful personality
  • The efforts he makes to understand/speak english.


That's all for this article! I hope you liked it and I also hope that it made some people realize how amazing Kim Taehyung is. He deserves all the love in the world.

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And give a lot of love and affection to Kim Taehyung, thanks bye.