hi! it’s @restayluv or tia. i’m rewriting this because my laptop thinks it’s funny to just disappear so yeah. anyway are you bored at home? well let me help you with that because i’ve found a few ways to entertain myself through these ways and maybe they could help you too!

hang out with your friends

— so, you’re really bored and maybe you have a friend that’s bored too, go out with them! not romantically, but go to a park, malls, your houses maybe. or if you don’t like going outside, y’all could have an amazing sleepover.

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read or write

— so maybe going out isn’t your thing, that’s completely fine, you could read some great books from your favorite genre, or let out your thoughts and write articles, diary entries or even stories expressing your creativity! and if you’re proud of what you wrote then don’t hesitate to post it on a platform for feedback, sure there will be trolls but you’ll learn to ignore them!

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play games

— games have always been a fun thing for me to do, once i start, i immediately get engaged in the game and can’t stop. i usually play it on my console, if you have one too then take advantage of it, play some games that maybe require strategy or fighting like overwatch or halo. but if you don’t have a console, don’t fret, there are thousands of games for you to enjoy on your phone, available for free! and if you also don’t have access to a phone then old fashioned board games always do the trick!

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study and/or finish homework

— i know this title has already got you clicking out but wait, finishing your homework or being done with studying your portion is so satisfactory and catching up or revising what you learnt in class can be very beneficial to your grades and help you maintain that 4.0 GPA!

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watch videos

— it’s the century of being online, use it for the cure of your never ending boredom, watch videos on youtube for free or stream movies on netflix (with great selection right now since it’s october, horror movie fans let’s gather)

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listen to music

— you’ve probably heard this being pointed out everywhere but music can get you in the mood to do things like studying, cooking, or merely washing the dishes. you could also prepare a dance, and post it if you’re confident, i mean who thought “whip and nae nae” would go viral.

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ok i’ve been talking for way too long. are you still here? thanks! thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read this article, look forward to a new article soon!

ur main; tia!