Hello, you lovely people!

So, today I got inspired by this article:

And I decided to make my own version of it.
So, I got the idea of making a list of things I’d really love to get gifted for my birthday someday.
Well, without further ado, let’s get to it. Enjoy!

1 | Polaroid Camera

yellow, aesthetic, and polaroid image pink, moment, and polaroid image Image by Leena aesthetic, peach, and yellow image
It would be awesome to own a polaroid camera someday. I would totally love to turn my memories into photographs I could hang up in my room. I’d make a polaroid wall above my desk.

2 | Fjällräven Kanken

fjallraven kanken, nike, and kanken image book, black, and grunge image plants, black, and grunge image plants, aesthetic, and art image
They are hella expensive, but so cool. A classmate of mine got one gifted for her birthday, and they look even cooler in real life. I’d prefer a black one, since it matches with every outfit – colour wise, at least.

3 | Lush Face Masks

cosmetics, lush, and tumblr image Temporarily removed cosmetics, lush, and scrub image tumblr, lush, and quality image
Simple, effective, but rather expensive. I love it.

4 | Lush Bath Bombs

Image by 𝐒𝐀𝐑𝐀 lush cosmetics and bath bomb image Temporarily removed lush, lush cosmetics, and bath bomb image
I don’t even own a bath tub, only a shower, but I’d give everything to try one of those bath bombs once in my life. They’re goals.

5 | Calvin Klein Set

abs, body, and bra image Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image abs, body, and bra image abs, aesthetic, and alternative image
I’d really love to get them in black and grey, and the sports bras would also be awesome. But they’re, like, expensive for being “only” underwear. And so, if someone wants to gift me them, you’re welcome.

6 | Concert Tickets

little mix, jade, and perrie image Temporarily removed Image removed Best, concert, and drums image
So, I believe that you know Little Mix and Sunrise Avenue, but I’d also love to visit The Kelly Family and Michael Patrick Kelly. Michael Patrick Kelly, who once was a member of The Kelly Family, is one of my favourite musicians, and The Kelly Family is just life. (And now, The Kelly Family doesn’t look like on the picture, it’s from 1994, so that’s not quite accurate anymore. But it’s the only photograph I found of all of them together. On WHI at least.)

7 | Makeup

Temporarily removed lipstick, makeup, and artist image makeup, beauty, and pink image Temporarily removed
I’d take everything you’d gift to me. I’m really in love with makeup, but I’m not someone who wears a lot of it. Idk.

8 | Money

cash, dollars, and money image Image removed money, jeans, and theme image lifestyle, lux, and luxurious image
I mean, who wouldn’t want money as a gift?

9 | A Black, Elegant Handbag

bag, champagne, and drink image Image by Milica Filipovic chanel, coffee, and food image fashion, outfit, and style image
Well, my old one got worn off, and so I’d really like to buy myself a new one someday. But why buy one, when you can get gifted one?

10 | Wrist Watch

accessories, earrings, and grey image Temporarily removed inspiration, watch, and daniel wellington image awesome, closet, and wrist watch image
I always forget the time, so it would be very helpful to own one of that.

11 | Timberlands

shoes, timberland, and fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion and timberland image shoes, timberland, and boots image
They’re really awesome. But I’d like to own not the boring original coloured ones, but fun and also classy black or white ones.

12 | Bullet Journal And The Needed Writing Supplies

planner, school, and study image bullet journal, inspiration, and journal image bujo and bullet journal image creative, creativity, and journal image
It would be so fun and awesome. I could also learn how to write beautifully. I’d just adore owning this.

13 | A New Wallet

autumn, cake, and coffee image Image by myprettylittlethings ♡ Temporarily removed chanel, coffee, and designer image
Mine’s, like, really messed up by now and I’d really want to own a new one soon.

14 | Birthstone Jewellery

crystals, rainbow moonstone, and stone necklace image crescent moon, natural stone, and moonstone jewelry image crystals, green, and green necklace image etsy, moonstone, and festival fashion image
My birth month is June, so there’s the Moonstone, the Pearl and the Alexandrite. I went for the Moonstone.

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So, that’s it for today. I really hope you enjoyed it and that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you.
- Rana.