These fall trends you need to check out!
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I'm for style. Fashion changes too quickly. ” - Coco Chanel.

Fashions come and go too quickly making it hard to keep up sometimes. Here’s a list of the trendiest yet most classic pieces you can grab this fall to dress up your outfits and get the Runway look for way less!

1. The Perfect Coat

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Fall is the ultimate season to look stylish while still feeling cozy and warm. I think what mostly excites me when I picture autumn fashion-wise is a coat. Coats come in all different lengths and colors but personally, I find cream/ pastel tones exceptionally chic and neon/ brighter colors (yellows, oranges, fuschias, reds) incredibly fashionable.

And now that plaid is ruling in catwalks all around the world… What a better time to go out and get yourself a plaid or Burberry style coat?

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2. Suiting

We knew this trend all along but lately, we’ve been seeing it and falling head over heels over it! Whether it’s going to be just a blazer or a whole matching suit, this is the time to let your inner #GIRLBOSS free! Most designer brands (Versace, Armani, Michael Kors, Balenciaga…) opted for grey suits or fadedly plaid blazer-dresses, but don’t be afraid to go for richer colors, too! (like royal blues, reds even fuschias since these colors have been trending all around as well!).

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3. Colored Tights

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‘Tis the season to dress like Blair Waldorf or any model on the runway! (Moschino, Dolce&Gabbana, Balenciaga, Anna Sui, and others...)

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Tights are back (have they ever gone away?) and you can wear them with all different kinds of patterns or classic white or bright and colorful. And if you’re shy, a pair of calf-lengthed socks under your favorite heels could be just the fall look for you!

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4. Tweed

One of my favorite classic fabrics for fall/ winter is tweed. Used by Chanel as a signature fabric since 1920, in the form of skirts, jackets, suits or dresses, it seems to be the perfect textile from haute-couture to everyday fashion.

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Tweed skirts, in particular, give off the perfect chic, elegant vibe to any fall or winter look!

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5. Vintage

If you’re an old soul, you can go for a pair of high rise flared jeans. Timeless and flattering to most body types since they hug the curve of the hips but fall loosely down to the ankles, you can wear your vintage jeans with heels, boots or old good classic sneakers and effortlessly give off a 90’s vibe!

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Or you can opt for 80-90s classic accessories to finish your outfits! You can go for gold-toned jewelry to dress up your outfits -a pair of hoops for example- or for the perfect retro cat eye colored shades for the sunnier days of fall!

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  • I hope you enjoyed this article! Always keep in mind that what's most important is that you find your own style and follow only the trends you feel comfortable in!
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. ” – Coco Chanel

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