oh shit, i'm finally doing this! i'm actually afraid to do this one month writing challenge because i know i'm not consistent. but hey, here's me and my ass, finally starting. (if i missed a day, i'll just fucking pretend bc y not??)

here are the list of things that makes me happy:

  • poetry
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i love to express myself through poetry. even just by reading others' works.
  • my cute lil crush
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he's a debater. he's tall but he's cute. he'a lil clingy. he likes shades and sneakers. he's obssesed over memes and adventure time. and i almost forgot, he arranges songs. a fashionable man.
  • music
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i love music a lot. can't have a day where i'm not playing any song. mostly acoustics and lany songs.
  • the sound and smell of the rain
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i just love and it makes me happy.
  • milkteas and coffees
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just my big happiness
  • puppies/kittens
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puppies which i mean shiba and golden retrivers and just cute kittens w big pupils
  • airplanes and travelling
sky, travel, and sunset image light, city, and travel image travel, sky, and airplane image travel, girl, and airport image
calms me and it forget me my problems and worries
  • lgbtq people
skam italia, pride, and skam image Image by Lot's of Dreams Image by Angela acuarela, arcoiris, and art image
a queer myself. just happy to see these people freely expressing themselves.
love yourself, guys.
  • aesthetic rooms
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  • aristotle and dante discover secrets of the universe
Dante, book quote, and aristotle image book and aristotle and dante image aristotle and dante and citas image book, heart, and tumblr image
pure and innocent love makes me happy
  • forehead kisses
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what's even more happier than this, love?
  • love
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as long as you love each other, it's happy.
  • studio ghibli
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an ease of mind

that's it, guys. a lil lame of a first but these are the things that makes me happy. thank you for the day, G. make your day a great one.

keep smiling!

love, sky.