It feels like yesterday when I was wearing shorts and covering my eyes from the sun,and now,it's only three days until Halloween.
Most of us,including myself are in a perpetual struggle for their costume. Here are a few costumes I've found really cute through the years and that I think you should give a try if you're looking for a costume last minute.


angel, aesthetic, and model image Temporarily removed

This costume won't need much effort. Just throw on a white dress,a pair of angel wings and that's all. Let your hair wild and about the makeup,just put on a lip gloss and a bit of highlighter. It's effortless but it LITERALLY looks made in heaven.


charli xcx, red, and Devil image costume, Devil, and Halloween image

This costume is basic and all but if you're really on a crisis it will come in handy. I personally picked this costume for this year because honestly,it's so easy to make. I will wear a red dress,devil horns,a red lacey choker and a pair of black fishnets. About the makeup,just make sure it's red and vibrant.


Cheerleaders, cheryl blossom, and madelaine petsch image riverdale and camila mendes image

Riverdale has become so famous and honestly,the river vixens costume is so cute to have this halloween. Even if you can't get one,you can make it yourself; a blue skirt, blue and yellow camisole,yellow pom poms and a makeup that will make sure to show off your pretty features.

That's all for now! Have a spooky week!