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I was inspired by this girl who does a good job !

My first article was a #Heartbreak playlist - with a French song, at the end.
And here I am for the Autumn tag! Hope You'll Like It.
- Stranger From Heaven, ღ

1. What signifies the start of autumn for you?

For me, Autumn is the moment when we see changes around us. For now, in Corsica, we can see brown leaves and strong wind - The kind of wind which makes your eyes cry because It's soooo cold haha! I'm at the college so, It is when I have to do homework with plaids and hot chocolate! haha ღ

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2. What are your 5 favourite things to do in the autumn?

First of all, Even if it seems so weird, I love cleaning my rooms, to feel better !!
Then I love taking pictures of nature, Spending time with my friends watching Netflix -and chill. At the end of this favourite things, I'd add Halloween and being alone writing things about life haha. - I know, not so poetic as a girl...

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3. What are your most liked drinks in the fall season?

I said that I'll stop but... Chai Tea Latte and Caramel Macchiato haha! I love Caramel Tea but... Not this year!

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4. The dream place for Autumn?

In Corsica, I'd say It could be the Forest of Vizzavona. But There are so many places which are amazing for all the seasons, by the way.

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5. Favourite autumn fashion trend

Oh ! Boots and sweaters, definitely. And long socks !!

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6. Favourite autumn scent

I'd say It could be the burned wood scent. I know that the tree is specific but I don't remember the name... And cinnamon, I love Cinamon rolls... yum!

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7. Favourite autumn song

Nostalgia is hunting me, right now... It is Bonfire Heart, by James Blunt. Why? Because when October has started, my crush came to see me and we have watched this movie from Netflix, which was so dramatic and romantic, at the same time... And He has played this music in the background that It's in my head, 3 weeks later... So sad nostalgia now.

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8. Favorite autumn colour?

I don't know If in English, the colour has the same name but My favourite autumn colour is Bordeaux... It's a kind of Old dark red... Wonderful for sweaters and lipstick.

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9. Fireplace or candlelight?

My love for nature would say: Fireplace.

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10. Day or night?

I hate having to choose between these things... But, It will be Autumnal Days and Winter nights...

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11. Have you gone apple picking before?

This question makes me weird... In France, or in Corsica, we don't really do that. But for us, We pick Chestnuts, in Corsica, in our forests. haha I don't know If it is the same things than yours but.. voila.

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Here we are! I hope you liked this tag and Tell me If another would be great to do in an article!

If you want, Here is my Instagram but, whatever haha : strangerfromheaven_

Love Autumn, Stranger From Heaven ღ