Hi there!
I'm here to recommend you some PERFECT series for fall time.
My Top 10, In no specific order.

1. Chilling adventures of Sabrina

mystery, witch, and netflix image sabrina, sabrina spellman, and chilling adventures of image
Adapted version of the cartoon and the any movies of it.

2. The Vampires diaries

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One of my favorite, Talking about vampires and other supernatural creature, and love between a human and a vampire.

3. Reign

beautiful, gif, and reign image reign, adelaide kane, and Queen image
The history of Mary Queen of Scotland and all her problem.

4. Scream Queens

Image by naya 2, channel, and red devil image
THE ONE that you need at the time of Halloween.

5. Pretty Litlle Liars

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Everyone know this one.

6. Stranger Things

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We all were wainting for the kiss between Eleven and Mike, isn't it true?

7. Shadowhunters

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This is one is really great but not famous enought.

8. Teen Wolf

teen wolf, scott, and tyler posey image alpha, full moon, and lobo image
Stydia in my heart.

9. Charmed

Temporarily removed charmed, shannen doherty, and prue image
An old one but really good.

10.The originals

Image removed quotes, the vampire diaries, and tvd image
The originals vampires from The Vampire diaries and their history trought the century.

So now dear readers have a great time in front of Netflix.
Take care of you.