First , yes let's start here , I am an indivual who likes to spend time alone because other people drain my precious energy . Indeed , I am an introvert . But that doesn't explain everything huh ?
You'll think : but she must have gone to one birthday party ? ; Well , I don't like birthday parties , sometime I'll go if that's someone I cherish (which is really rare , my friends don't do their birthday ) , otherway I won't go because I have this morbid idea that I am maybe partying their last year on earth .

Yeah, I know . Thanks to my aunt who said that to my mom on a car ride when I was 13. It never left my mind since.
The other explanation to this is I don't hang out a lot with people in general . I am Always outside but alone , I mean me and my music which makes two of us … OKAY.
My real friends ( those with who I talk to daily , can have fun with and don't seem we bother each other ) are mostly older than me , they all left for college so I am kinda alone and with only three people in the whole school I really care about . They are kinda like me , you know , introvert. We not the type to say "Hey there's a party on Saturday , you wanna come ?" we more like "Hey , you know the museum not far from the town hall is re-opening , I AM SO EXCITED , it's this afternoon , you wanna come ?"

There also one more thing : If I go to a party, I wanna dance , you know . It sounds obvious but not to whatever music . I don't like pop and electro (it kinda depends ) and that's awkwardly what they play the most at parties . I want DANCEHALL, TRAP RAP , AFROBEAT PLEAAAASSEEEE .
So that's moslty a choice of mine to not go to parties because I know I won't have any fun plus there'll be a ton of new people who i don't know 0000467283094874 STRESS LEVEL INCREASE OF 789030589504 % 0993038488440294090 . I am extremly talkative and goofy but when I am in front of a lot of strangers my mouth goes into locked/dead mode .

I wrote this because there's a party coming on haloween , my sis asked me if I wanna come . It's an AFROBEAT theme party . tHinK iMmA GOOOO ( gonna be then my first party , lol I'm 17 what a shame )

YEP that's it . What about you , are you like me ? I wanna know