INTRO: I broke his heart, and I hate myself for it.

I think being the broken-hearted is a hell of alot easier than being the heart breaker. It's a different kind of pain. Getting your heart broken is an easier pain than breaking someone else. Its Monday, and I haven't slept since Saturday. Saturday was the day your heart shattered-fragments still scattered on the porch. The way things happened I can't explain because I wasn't there. But apparently you met my new boyfriend and I'll tell you this much: You and I? We had something for 2 years. You had 2 WHOLE YEARS to make it official, to do something about us, but you never did. I finally decided it was time to move on because I'm 22 and I cant wait for a 25 year old to make up his mind. I have goals and dreams,I cant be waiting on someone. .I cant be waiting on an immature little boy like you. I'm picking up the left over fragments of your broken heart and keeping them in a safe place. That way, I'll always have a piece of you. I just wish everything happened the way I wanted them to, but I dont live in a perfect world. I live in a world where the Universe has it's own plan for me and I subconsciously follow it. So, yeah..maybe we're not meant to be, but PLEASE NEVER forget those days and nights I fought for you. Don't ever forget those nights we made fun of each other, and told life stories, and did things only the stars know about. Mostly, don't forget just how much I loved you-and STILL do. For I'll be seeing you in another life where you're finally mine.