My freshman year of college I joined my campus’ Student Government. A lot of the work I do there involves being in our office and working on our computers. I love being in the office. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, even people from other student governments.

One of the first times I went in there to work on a project I was greeted by a member of a local college Student Government. It was nearly October and everyone was in the spooky mood so we started to share some of our own ghost stories with each other.

The woman from the other Student Government, R, remained silent for most of the conversation. Some of us were starting to think she was a skeptic or that she thought we were all crazy. After a half hour or so she broke her silence: “Do you know what is even scarier than ghosts?” she said, “People who have caused real life horrors.”

This shocked most of us, but we were all intrigued and we asked her to explain.

She told us the story of her best friend’s cousin, J. For months her and her boyfriend were planning a trip out of the country. As the trip drew near he decided to break up with her.

She was devastated and in an attempt to help lift her spirits, her friends decided to take the trip with her.

They had a ton of fun on the trip and on the last night they decided to go to a bar. They were all having a great time when a handsome young man approached J. He charmed her all night, buying her drinks, and kissing her neck.

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At the end of the night he asked her if she would like to go home with him.

She pulled her friends aside and they all decided that it wasn’t a good idea since they were in another country, and though he seemed nice, she had just gotten out of a relationship.

She said goodbye to him and traveled home.

In the next few days after returning home J started to notice a strange rash forming on her neck and since she had just been to a foreign country she decided to go to the doctor just to be sure.

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When she went in they had a resident check her in and begin to look at the rash. He seemed shocked, stepped out for a moment, and then returned with another resident.

They began to mumble things like, “Could this really be it?” and “I’ve only read about this in books…”

Eventually they had an attending from dermatology come in and test the rash on her neck.

When they called with her results she was appalled.

When a person becomes a cannibal their saliva becomes more acidic. It’s the body’s attempt at digesting what is being taken in. When the human skin is exposed to that saliva is causes a rash to form.

Her blood ran cold, her heart sinking into her stomach as the realization hit her: had she gone home with that man she may have never returned.

-xx Lenny