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I hope you're having a great day/evening so far. It's still october but it's Almost freezing where I live and they predicted some snow for tomorrow and it's not even Halloween yet! Days are getting colder and we're starting to buy and wear our winter clothing. Who doesn't love these chuncky sweater and warm fuzzy jackets with some high knee boots? You may think it's too ealry but we need to stay warm, right?

Some of us may need some new pieces in their warderobe that are on point and stylish but still warm and comfy. So I searched for the latest winter fashion trends to help you guys out and maybe You'll find a piece that You'll absolutely adore.



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I'm a huge sweater addict! Especially when the sweater has a turtle neck. It's just something extra and it's so stylish.
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I love the French fashion styles and I absolutely love this trend! I have one myself and it's so cute and preppy. You can combine it with many styles and wear it as you like.
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Skirts, pants, hats, jackets,... I'm a big lover of plaited pants and checkered skirts. I bought a checkered blazer recently and it's so vintage looking and fashionable.
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We love a good old trench coat. This coat is a trend for many years and developed so much! You can love a vintage one but there are also some new looking trench coats. What would you choose?
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It can look silly on you but there are a lot of leopard printed sweaters out there nowadays. I saw a red one in Zara last week and that one was stunning!
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A Hairstyle is a fashion piece too and I'm obsessed by bangs/fringes. I have it myself and I think it's perfect for this time of the year.
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I see them everywhere again! When I'm looking for some inspiration on WHI or Pinterest I see a lot of girls wearing Dr. Martens. They give your outfit some sort of alternative, biker girl vibes.
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  • dark green
  • pastel colors
  • yellow
  • red

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october 29, 2018