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🎲 Facts

1. The foxhole court
2. The raven king
3. The king's men
Author: Nora Sakavic
Genre: Contemporary, YA, Sports, lgbt+ rep.
My Rating: 5/5 (favourite)

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🎲 Plot

The Palmetto State University's Exy team consists of trouble kids. Teenagers who worked in strip clubs, where in juvie or have drug problems.

Neil Josten is a lie. Beginning from his age to his name. Everything he says has always been a lie. Spinning a new one to be able to play Exy at the Palmetto State University violates one of the rules his mother established for them. He was not supposed to get noticed, not supposed to stay somewhere for too long. But Neil loves playing Exy and even if it is not for long, wants to feel like he belongs somewhere.

🎲 Characters


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Exy was a bastard sport, an evolved sort of lacrosse on a soccer-sized court with the violence of ice hockey, and Neil loved every part of it.


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“Ninety percent of the time the very sight of you makes me want to commit murder. I think about carving the skin from your body and hanging it out as a warning to every other fool who thinks he can stand in my way."


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“You wouldn't trust me to pick out your costume, would you? I'd probably make you a French maid or something. Come on.”


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"I am a bad person trying very hard to be a good person”


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“Do girls need kid-glove treatment? I thought they were tougher than that." Dan's grin was approving. "Most of us are. Some of us are like boys, though, and have delicate egos.”


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“Fuck you! What the fuck did you tell her?”


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“If you won't play with me, you'll play for me," Kevin said. "You're never going to get there on your own, so give your game to me.”


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Kevin didn't care who he offended and kept his eyes on Dan. "If you'll actually get the ball to us, we can do something with it." Matt looked at Andrew. "One of these days you have to let me hit him."


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"Are you stupid?" Seth asked. "Yeah", Neil said.

Coach Wymack

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"Fight because you don't know how to die quietly"

🎲 My opinion

Saying that I devoured this book series would be an understatement. Even though a friend told me to not start it while university is giving me a lot of work, I still did...and finished the first two books within four days.

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Let's just say that I could not put these books down and did not want them to end.


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Some of these characters stole my heart. Well, actually most of them. I loved their backstories and the way they talked, the words they used to explain stuff and also the way Nora Sakavic gave us new information about these characters making it absolutely shocking and heartbreaking.

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If we are talking about the main character, Neil, then I have to say that I loved to listen to his thought process and see him grow through the series. Besides him being rather paranoid and sometimes hysteric (only internally) he is a very rational and logic driven protagonist with an unhealthy obsession with Exy.

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The plot is cruel and gruesome with scenes that shock you to the core and I loved it. Furthermore, I'd say it was very thoughtfully planned out and I appreciated how the author handled the traumas of these characters. It did not seem like the characters just sometimes had issues and sometimes not. It seemed realistic and not like something that would only pop up when the author needed it to.

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Writing style
The description of scenes and the way information about the characters was introduces was stunning. I would really really like to give you examples or explain it further but this is a spoiler free review and her talent most terrifically shone throw "spoilery" scenes. Therefore, you just have to believe me when I tell you that the writing style took the plot and the way you perceive these characters to a whole other level.

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🎲 Who should read this book?

This series not only includes swearing but also violence, rape, drugs, alcohol, deals with mental illnesses and does not stray away showing torture on "screen" and all in all revolves around a bunch of unstable kids who all have some kind of trauma.
But through all of this shines some comedy and the friendship that forms between those characters that just try to make the best out of what they were given.

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There were moments were I just needed to pause and think for a moment

If you are more into darker stuff, like reading about friendship, emotional trauma and explore the backstories of different characters, then these books are for you.
If you like The Raven Cycle and Six of Crows then definitely check this series out!

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