If my beautiful Italy was a girl you could see the sun in her eyes and the love in her smile.

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She would have pain in her heart but beauty all over her body. She is a piece of art. People would love her but she wouldn't love herself the same. Italia would have big brown eyes and long hair.

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If Italy was a girl you would love her because of her great recipes and the way she talks about art and literature. She would try to be like other girl but girls would try to be like her.

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Italia would love fashon and elegance the same way she loves food and family. Family would be the most important thing in her life, indeed. The way she moves makes you understand she has suffered and she's still suffering. But her breathtaking beauty makes all the sadness and anger go away.

If Italia was a woman she would be the most beautiful in the world, just like Italy is the most beautiful country in the world, for me.

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thank you for reading. sorry for my english. bye.

-sara :)