One last time with you...

  • Halsey - Sorry
couple, love, and boy image
"Sorry to my unknown lover"

Him & I...

  • Billie Eillish - Lovely Ft. Khalid
love, couple, and wine image
"Even if it Takes all night"

Moment of reality...

  • Passenger - Let Her Go
aesthetic, guitar, and music image
"Only miss the sun when It starts to snow"

Broken Fellings...

  • James Bay - Incomplete
ballerina, black, and dance image ballerina, ballerinas, and ballet image
"You and Me, let's be incomplete"

How to hate him/Her...

  • Lartiste - Amour Parano / Djena Reprise.
Devil, red, and aesthetic image aesthetics, b&w, and black and white image Mature image eyes, art, and drawing image

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Love, StrangerFromHeaven. °.°