I am really bored, so I decided to answer some questions about books. Oh, and sorry if there are any spelling mistakes.

1] ebooks or paper books ?
↳ paper books, but i just to read on ebooks

2] favourite authors ?
↳ that's hard, but i like j. k. rowling, anne freytag and david levithan

3] favourite book ?
↳ can anybody answer that? but okay, i would say harry potter, every day, the hunger games and many more

4] favourite characters ?
↳ i love many, but definitely ronald Weasley and sirius black

5] favourite series ?
↳ it's obviously, but harry potter and also some others like the hunger games, twilight, silver and ruby red

6] what genres do you prefer ?
↳ romance, young adult and fantasy

7] what are you currently reading ?
↳ aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

8] how many books do you have ?
↳ i guess kinda 35 - 45 paper books and nearly 15 ebooks

9] what books do you want to read ?
↳ i want to read sooo many, but mostly the perks of being a wallflower, eleanor & parker and love, simon

10] do you have a favourite place to read ?
↳ in my bed

11] online or indoor shopping ?
↳ indoor !!

12] the last book you read ?
↳ every day 2

13] why do you read ?
↳ to escape reality

14] do you remember the first book you read ?
↳ not the first, but i read many horse books when i was younger

15] do you highlight quotes in books ?
↳ no, except it's a school book. i don't want to ruin it...

16] do you use bookmarks ?
↳ i try to, but sometimes i forget them and fold a page