• Full Name: Valentine Marie Alice Pierces
  • Nickname(s): Val' Valy
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: April 27
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Ethnicity: British, French, German, American
  • Hometown: Miami


  • Hair
accessories, blond hair, and curly hair image hair, girl, and blonde image Temporarily removed hair, blonde, and girl image
She got very long light blond hair.
  • Eyes
Temporarily removed blue eyes, happy happiness, and girl girls image
She has blue eyes but her right one is blindn so she covers it.
  • Face & Body
girl, art, and tumblr image Image by marty alternative, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed
She is a very small girl. Her body is slim & very pale. She got a beautiful face.


inspo, outfit, and skirt image Temporarily removed aesthetic, classy, and fashion image aesthetic, classy, and fashion image
She loves classy outfit. She also likes pink.


Image by Milica Filipovic lips, makeup, and beauty image
She prefers simple make-up.


quote image cute, pink, and Psycho image barbie, pink, and bitch image quotes, pink, and priority image
She is really down to earth. She is confident & can be a real bitch. She seems cute but she is a psycho.


tumblr, art, and aesthetic image ballet, white, and tutu image bike and girl image Temporarily removed
She likes drawing, dancing, ridding & partying.


Image removed chanel image baby, french, and quotes image flowers, japan, and pink image
Dolls, Chanel, making french-English sentences & Japan.


Image by Agnes Lawver Krause dog, cute, and puppy image Temporarily removed berlin, city life, and pretty image
The past, dogs, bad words & even if she's german, she doesn't like Germany because this country reminds her bad memories.

Favorite Color(s)

baby pink, beautiful, and flower image


She was the princess of France. One day, when she plays with her doll, she broke it because she was angry. Only, she didn't know her doll was haunted by a Strange ghost. The ghost decided that everytime she would fall, she would break.


grave, literature, and poet image
They are all dead because it was 100 years ago.

Significant Other

aesthetic, pale, and Tattoos image
Jordan Atkins.

Old Halloween Costumes

Halloween, angel, and fatherkels image Abusive image


aesthetic, autumn, and college image
She is a student in High School.

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