The feeling of utter sadness. You're in a room full of people. Your tears threatened to spill. What should you do?

Think Happy Thoughts

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Your Crush
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That Perfect Day
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That Perfect Place
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That Unforgettable Song

Get Up

Don't drown in your never ending sadness. Remember! Happiness is a choice not a coincidence. Find a way for you to smile. Don't wait for your shining armor. You're the creator of your own life story. Cherish the happy moments and forget the sad ones.

If None Is Found, Create One

You see a rainbow when the sun is bright. But, sometimes it's still can't be seen in broad daylight. So, spray a hose of water. And, you'll see the rainbow if you look at it hard enough.

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When life gets gloomy, there's always sunshine hidden in the dark corners of life. You just need to find it.