Hey Guys! I'm back with another article. I wanted to do the 'this or that' challenge for so long. These are my likes now.
Hope you enjoy this tag!

Prince or David Bowie

david bowie, 70s, and 1978 image david bowie and guitar image Temporarily removed david bowie image
David Bowie

Pop or Rock

cafe, casino, and photography image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed kurt cobain, nirvana, and grunge image

CD or Record

vintage, music, and vinyl image vintage, music, and book image autumn, bed, and october image Temporarily removed

Guns n' Roses or AC/DC

axl rose and Guns N Roses image axl rose, blue eyes, and cry image Temporarily removed axl rose, guns n' roses, and gnr image
Guns n' Roses

Lyrics or Melody

music, notes, and vintage image Temporarily removed violin, music, and aesthetic image 505, arctic monkeys, and home image

Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber

ed sheeran, perfect, and Lyrics image Image by Niccola ed sheeran, blue, and ed image Temporarily removed
Ed Sheeran

Electric guitar or Acoustic guitar

b&w, band, and black image b&w, black, and guitar image b&w, black, and guitarist image Image removed

Parkway Drive or Arch Enemy

band, metal, and music image Image removed gif, metal, and music image arch enemy, metal, and alissa white-gluz image
Arch Enemy

DJ or Band

music, lana del rey, and arctic monkeys image music, nirvana, and band image
Band of course :)

Singing or Dancing

microphone, music, and sing image b&w, ballet, and black image Image removed Temporarily removed

Piano or Drum

drum, lq, and aesthetic image music and piano image drums and music image piano, music, and hair image

Bring Me The Horizon or Black Veil Brides

Image by Mary Nacca 🐼 black and white, tattoo, and andy biersack image black veil brides and bvb image black veil brides, bvb, and andy biersack image
Black Veil Brides

Concert or Festival

fashion, coachella, and festival image music, concert, and festival image Image by Minhas referencias Temporarily removed

The Beatles or Elvis Presley

Image by Sony Domm Image by 𝕽.𝕰. the beatles, george harrison, and john lennon image Image by Ana Paula Horta

Club or Stadium

club, lights, and neon image Temporarily removed Athens, club, and drinks image awesome, boys, and club image

Avril Lavigne or Shawn Mendes

Avril Lavigne image Avril Lavigne and avrillavigne image Avril Lavigne, wish you were here, and blonde image Image removed
Avril Lavigne

Youtube or Radio

Temporarily removed facebook and youtube image

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