today i wanna talk to you about something which is important for me. lets be friends :) i am writing this article because people around me and my friends and i have such a different tastes. soo i was thinking that maybe i can find someone like me here who can accept me as who i am.

basic info

name // i think we can use nicks so mine is alaska

john green, looking for alaska, and sparkle image girls and icon image

age // 4teen

quotes, sarcasm, and red image sadness, quotes, and sad image

hobbies // music, books, my guitar, writing, photography

guitar, aesthetic, and black image Temporarily removed

icons // kurt cobain, marilyn manson, amy winehouse, effy stonem and more

kurt cobain, grunge, and nirvana image lana del rey, Amy Winehouse, and amy image

if i were a character who would it be // effy stonem

skin, quotes, and moment image skin, Effy, and black and white image

my aesthetic // grunge, emo, goth, edgy, depressive & dark

grunge, black, and fishnets image Abusive image

my fave shows // skins, american horror story, supernatural

skins, cassie, and sid image Temporarily removed

so if you are around 4teen and 5teen plus if you are a girl and if we have stuff in common please send me a message.