i have this playlist available here and i'll keep updating it :)

Lyrics, quote, and red and black image Image removed
forever young - alphaville
feed, food, and human image Image removed
i'd love to change the world - jetta
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
some nights - fun.
Temporarily removed imagine dragons and origins image
believer - imagine dragons
quotes, life, and mindset image Mature image
deathless - ibeyi
alternative, dragons, and imagine image imagine dragons and ryan "wolf" walker image
it's time - imagine dragons
911 image tyler the creator image
who dat boy - tyler, the creator
Temporarily removed 90s and outkast image
hey ya - outkast
musica, wallper, and macklemore image aesthetic, music, and concert image
can't hold us - macklemore & ryan lewis
quote, try, and life image music, danny o'donoghue, and beautifulman image
hall of fame - the script
album, die, and Lyrics image the 1975, band, and indie image
i always wanna die (sometimes) - the 1975
chris brown, kanye west, and Lyrics image kanye, wave, and ghetto image
waves - kanye west
fuck, Lyrics, and sad image dog, singer, and awolnation image
sail - awolnation
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i lived - one republic
lost, quote, and wake me up image avicii, dj, and music image
wake me up - avicci
carry on, lost, and alone image nate ruess image
carry on - fun.