Hello beautiful people!

I'm so sorry I didn't write an article for so long, I am sick and don't feel good, but today I will write a new article, and I hope you will like it!

First of all, thank you so much for your support, I really got 2K follower, I can't believe it! I love each one of you, and it means a lot to me that people like my collections, pics and articles!

Maybe you have sometimes the feeling, that you want to completely change your life. You don't feel good in your old clothes, in your old bedroom, with your grades and whatever. So I will write about that in the coming weeks.
Today I want to start with the so called 'spa day'. I try to do this beauty day every Sunday, because I feel more prepared and good for the coming week. Maybe you want to join in, here I have a little checklist for you. Of course you can skip as much as you want, but here I have my perfect beauty day checklist, enjoy!

body routine

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  • take a bath or shower, use a bath bomb or make a bubbly bath
  • shave/ waxing legs and armpits
  • shave/ trim pubic hair
  • Body scrub
  • shower gel
  • body lotion or body butter
  • cream/ oil for scars or extra dry skin areas
  • prove weight
  • Body spray and deodorant

hair routine

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  • wash hair
  • shampooing
  • conditioner
  • hair mask
  • brush hair
  • use any products you want, like hair oil, cream, mousse
  • When you use a hairdryer, use anti heat spray
  • when you want, curl or straight your hair

pedicure & manicure routine

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  • cut nails
  • feet/ hand scrub
  • file and polish nails
  • hand cream, feet cream
  • nail oil
  • nail polish

face routine

Here is a very good article to check out!

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  • remove makeup
  • wash face with clear water
  • water steam bath (use a bowl, put hot water in it, hold your face over it for 10-15 minutes, you can put essential oils in the water if you want!)
  • clean ears (be careful with cotton swabs!)
  • pluck eyebrows
  • brush teeth, floss and mouth rinse
  • use cleansing gel with face brush
  • face scrub, lip scrub
  • face mask, lip mask, eye mask
  • face cream, lip balm, eye cream for eye bags
  • extra cream for pimples
  • care mascara for long eyelashes
So that's it! I hope you have fun, doing your spa day, your life can change a lot with that, because you will feel more comfortable in your body.
Thanks for reading, it means so much to me!
I hope I see you in my next article, bye!