hey beauties! today’s article is the weheartit tag! i’ve answered these questions and i hope you find out more about me and my experience on weheartit! thank you x

1 | how much time do you spend on whi a day?

i spend quite a lot of time on whi, probably 2+ hours. if i’m writing an article for whi, maybe add another hour! if Im just surfing and checking the feed, I won't spend to long but will occasionally heart a few pictures!

2 | do you see things in real life and mentally heart them?

i’ve never tried it, but i might give it a try. this kind of reminds me of when i was little and you would ‘take a picture in your brain’, anyone do that?

quotes image girl, friends, and summer image

3 | do you go on a hearting spree when you see a collection you like?

yes, i’ll raise my hand and admit that i go on a hearting spree quite a lot. oops! when I'm not busy, I will add to a lot of my collections or have a massive heart spree for just one collection.

4 | what’s your favourite thing to heart?

pictures of my baes

5 | are you a collection hoarder or a picky collection owner?

i only have about 27 collections right now and i tend to make sure that my collections are full with a lot of hearts! in future months, I will probably add more collections however right now, I'm fine with that amount!

6 | do you have a collection that you never add photos to but it’s still there?

my happiness collection is still here. i don’t add to it anymore as it was a collection that won a competition.

7 | what is the thing you love most about whi?

i could rant on forever! the community is so nice and friendly and no one judges for who you are. i was a tip account on instagram and i honestly hated it! i didn’t have many friends and i just ended up deleting everything because of the hate and people judging me. weheartit has allowed me to express what i enjoy and i’m glad that i get another chance! everyone is much nicer and it’s truly amazing! thank you everyone so so much x

8 | has whi changed/impacted your life?

of course! and i’m so thankful for everything!