lets check this out!

1. Toy - Block B (2017)

"You can play with me until you're sick to me, you can break me if thats what you want, because im a toy"

2. BEST FRIEND - iKON (2018)

"If you're just a dream, i would say its a pretty and sad dream, why? with your sweet voice you tell me, you are my best friend"

3. Campfire - Seventeen (2017)

"When things are hard and you’re tired, I’ll shine on you, Smile brightly
So we can be strength to each other"

4. Paradise - NCT 127 (2017)

"prettier then ocean, i hold onto your small hands, brighter then the stars, i like your smile, the dream - like place... here is paradise"

5. Dear - Weki Meki (2018)

"Shadows growing up to my height, i know what you look like, we always walked together, you are my best friend"

6. Grow Up - Stray Kids (2018)

"even when its hard and you;re tired, don give up you're just a little new to it. when time has passed and you have turned around, it will tell you that you are doing well"

7. Shine - Pentagon (2018)

" i have no courage so i'm sorry, you can laugh me more because i am a loser who loves you"

will be continue...