We all want it? Will it be easy? Of course not.

But it will be an amazing journey, join Natalia!

1. good place

Are you a beginner? Try working out at home first, you will be more confident and will find out what is harder for you.

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2. new friends

Exercise may not always be fun. Try to ask your friend to join you, order some hours with a coach, or start a course, definitely it will be more fun and you will be more motivated.

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3. good meals

It is good to eat better when we do work out, add more vegetables, fruits, proteins into your diet and start to drink clear water.

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4. start slowly

You may not be able to run 5 kilometers in the first week. But it is okay, trust me. Our body gets used to it, start slowly and you will see that you will soon be better and better.

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5. motivation

Set up your smaller goals and do not forget to treat yourself - new clothes, healthy food, your favorite cosmetics.

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6. be happy

Just do it, we live only once. Enjoy your life.

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I loove you all, thank you for reading and your reactions,

Your Natalia Alli