I really love traveling, discovering a new country, meeting new people, learning a new language.

But first of all I want to thank my parents for giving me this great opportunity to visit all those cities and countries💖

city, new york, and travel image city, new york, and travel image
New York city, USA
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Washington DC, USA
boston, hockey, and urban image christmas, snow, and winter image
Boston, USA
Temporarily removed blue, clouds, and green image
Niagara Falls, Canada
hollywood, sky, and travel image hollywood, california, and summer image
Los Angeles, USA
blue sky, heart, and hollywood image harry potter, orlando, and universal studios image
Universal studios Hollywood, USA
pink, aesthetic, and flamingo image Las Vegas, places, and summer image
Las Vegas, USA
america, beautiful, and beige image girl, travel, and summer image
Grand Canyon, USA
bridge, nature, and san francisco image city, travel, and house image
San Francisco, USA
beach, california, and places image santa monica pier and la. image
Santa Monica pier, USA
london, city, and travel image london, Big Ben, and city image
London, England
paris, france, and city image Temporarily removed
Paris, France
:) image colours, enjoy, and europe image
Strasbourg, France
city, hamburg, and harbour image city, hamburg, and in love image
Hamburg, Germany
munich and travel image architecture, beautiful, and building image
Munich, Germany
car, vintage, and florence image city, tree, and rome image
Rome, Italy
travel, city, and italy image pink, travel, and city image
Venice, Italy
Temporarily removed travel, stockholm, and sweden image
Stockholm, Sweden
aesthetic, copenhagen, and denmark image copenhagen, denmark, and travel image
Copenhagen, Denmark

Thanks for reading💖