Everyone told me to forget it and to stop thinking about it, however I could not because I had a story with him, I know he had hurt me, but he was the first person I fell in love with because when we were together He was very nice with me and he was always in the good times and the bad, every day I fell more in love with him. After all change we always fought and it was difficult to reconcile us after our fights, but in the end we always asked for forgiveness and we ended up together as always, then the day came that I will never forget, that day we saw each other in a cafe and I was excited to see it and My face changed when he told me that he had to talk seriously with me, I got nervous and started to tremble, he told me that he did not love me anymore and that he was with someone else and that he met her while we were still together, I just stopped and left from that place, all I wanted was to get to my house and be able to let myself cry. The days passed and I did not want to leave my room, I just wanted to be in my bed seeing photos of myself with him and be able to remember the happiest moments together. Sometimes I thought it was what I did wrong, I thought it was all my fault and that I was never a good girlfriend, many told me it was not my fault but him but in my head I knew it was not true. I can never forget it because although it was my first relationship it was the most beautiful I had, this is a story that I will not be able to tell without crying and smiling because of how happy I was with him one day.