Day 30- What are your highs and lows for the month(s)


Celebrating my boyfriend and I's 1 year anniversary

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He is the light of my life and makes me so happy. And I hope I get to enjoy yet another year with him.

Getting back to studying

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I dropped out of University after the first semester as it wasn't really my type of environment. So I decided to try something different and do a 6 month course to get a certificate in business administration, and I am enjoying it so much and am hoping this will lead to a full time job once I am done.


Feeling unmotivated and anxious and depressed

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These feelings are not familiar to me, but after some self care and trying really hard to get my life sorted, I think I am on the right track to doing so.

Ended up in the hospital

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I had to have surgery to remove a cyst from my leg that got really infected. But I had the worst experience ever! I was stuck there for 2 days since they couldn't get me into surgery the first day and I had waited until 11pm before I got told I wasn't getting in until the morning, and I was fasting so I was starving and thirsty and grumpy, and I cried and wanted to leave. But my boyfriend was there and got to stay the night with me so that made things a bit easier. I am not nearly fully healed so everything worked out in the end. And I don't know if I will ever like hospitals in the future.