Hi! I'm looking for an internet friend that i can talk to and laugh with and someone who can i can trade advice with! I'd love to be able to spread positivity with them and share stories with. Someone I can send memes to at 1am and talk about our favourite celebrities with and someone I can ask “does my outfit work?” I already have a few but i love making friends and i'd love some more! Here's some information about me!

I'm 15 year old girl from Australia and i'm looking for someone aged 13-18 any gender , sexuality, race, religion, i accept everyone :) I'm fighting depression, anxiety and an eating disorder but i'm very happy with where i am right now and i'm excited to see where recovery takes me! I'm very into promoting self love and positivity, i think everyone deserves to be happy.

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Some random facts about me!

I have 2 siblings, they're twins and i love them (sometimes..) I'm right handed, an Aquarius and I have hyperflexible elbows! My hair is an odd colour, its brown with blonde streaks (natural) and goes golden in the sun. i play netball as a sport and i love sunsets!

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I love animals, especially horses and dogs. I own a great dane x labrador and i love him to bits! i do horse riding as a sport but we don't have the money to buy a horse so my dream is to own one one day!

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I also love writing, i've written stories from a very young age and I continue to do so. I also write poetry, I started after my first heartache and i fell in love with writing after that.

Check out some of my writings!

I love my friends, especially the ones who have stuck with me through everything. They keep me going and help me remember why life is worth living. I have a boyfriend, who i love so so so much and he inspires me to be a better person. I love surrounding myself with people who really do make me a better person.

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I hate school, but my favourite subjects are Photography and Food Tech! (PS. im a vegetarian)

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I also live for memes so fight me

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My taste in music is all over the place, but I love Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, EDEN and more!

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So yeah thats a bit about me! If you wanna be friends just message me, I try to message back as quick as I can! Have a good day! <3