Hello! this article was inspired by new new favorite person

Sooo yeah.. lets get into the questions because im not original!

1) if you had to choose one way to die, what would be your way to go?

I think a lot about death a lot lately because ya know.. ya girls a sAd b0i :) but i would want to die a tragic death or mayde like jump off a building. something that people would be like "omg did you hear?" And people would actually finally care about me even tho I would be dead... wow ok, pretend you never read that.

2) do you like your body, a scale from 1-10?

Ok more scaling! I actually really dont like my body, but I like it. because like I like my eyes, but thats about it. Im really insecure about like my belly fat...??? like and how short I am because no like jeans or anything fits me without the bunching at the feet and stuff. sooo may be like a 5-6.

3) ever been in love?


4) three of your greatest fears

- Being Lonely ( I already am!)
-something else I can't think of

5) right now, what do you miss the most?

Having friends and.. gah, I can't believe im saying this but my first ex boyfriend. he was so nice and he actually liked me and oWo (im not a furry..)

6) 2 bad habits

- I apologized to the only 2 friends I have left because I cried... ( I apologize for everything)
- Me in general. I'm a bad habit.

7) preference; boys or girls?

Boys. sorry girls but I'm not really into yall ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

8) do you like your name? would you change it?

I actually do like my name, I used not to like it that much because it wasn't popular but I think its really pretty (If u don't know my name is Bethany)

9) what are you most thankful for?

My bed. I mean like I'm a hobbit now that I don't have any friends so.

10) whats do you think is the first impression you give when you first meet someone?

It depends... if its an adult ill like not really talk because like nO thAnkS but if its like somebody my age ill just be my weirdo self and hope they like me.

11) do you believe in heaven and hell?

I do, but I also like the theories that you like are reborn after you die.

12) last thing that made you cry?

imma do time and date. So like on Thursday I was sitting alone (because im a lonely b0i) and my one of my two only friends come up and they start talking and im talking back but then my jaw gets tight and im like oh no imma cry. so I just kinda not talk. But then I force my jaw to move and I start crying (because im sad that I literally have no more friends) and then my other friend. (the second one) come up and im just crying. soo yeah.

13) last but not least... two turn offs and two turn ons

Turn offs :
-Rude and showoff
-U think ur all that and a bag of lays baked potato chips and u cant be friends with the like really popular people who dont like me (my first ex was like that but those popular people were ok with me.)

Turn ons :
-Ur nice and ur like obsessed with me and u reply quick cough cough I need a boyfrend
-You are just like a funny nice person in general

Hope yall liked this... "original content" my cat is rubbing up against my laptop and its 11:29 pm so byeeeeeeeeeeeeee