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-I admit that making this article is not easy, it is not an issue either. The violation is something serious, it can not be taken as a mockery but it is not a topic that we should hide. Every day there are more people who suffer these atrocities, we can no longer shut up the truth!

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-This is not something new or was the invention of the "Feminazis" (stupid nickname given by ignorant people to feminists) sexual abuse is something that has been happening for decades. Until the last century it is that these cases were taken "more seriously", where they found the bodies without life and sequels of abuse; if they found it, there are still a lot of girls who are still missing bodies sometimes mutilated, unrecognizable.

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-The majority of these cases are sometimes not resolved by the incompetence of the police that are at that moment in the investigation, they spoil the evidence or they just do not take it as a priority. It also happens that because they are mostly young girls, they blame the victims themselves either because they dressed "provocatively" (dresses, skirts, shorts) or because they were late at night in the street and say phrases like : "She looked for it" "I provoke it" "No resistance"

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-That is why these cases are almost never resolved, neither the victim and his family can rest in peace. I have read many of these stories, they all break my heart, it fills me with rage and impotence. Sometimes they are children who are abused and then killed, their poor bodies enduring such pain

- By not taking this type of situation seriously or coming to judge the victims. The person who was raped and could survive prefers to keep quiet and live with their pain so as not to be judged, even blaming them for being promiscuous!

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-So if you know someone who has gone through this horrible event, help him! Do not judge either girl or boy. They will not tell you, in most cases you will have to realize yourself just observe their behavior, the way they talk, walk, in their eyes is reflected fear, does not like to be touched, drastic personality changes. These are some examples, take it with people to help you get ahead and be treated. You have to have patience, it's not easy to go through times like this you just need to be heard and have support.

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-Every day we have to fight for these victims, so that these abuses, murders do not continue to happen. We must raise awareness in this new generation, we must teach the boys that women should be respected and that if a girl says NO! Do not insist. Do not tell them about your body on the street, it is uncomfortable and in bad taste.

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-And you beautiful person who has been through this moment or suffered sexual harassment. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, it is not your fault, it was not your clothes or the time. The only one to blame for a violation is the rapist. People with a closed mind are the ones who think that the fault lies with the victim, but it is not true. The people who love you as your family or friends will be there for you. It is normal to be afraid, you are a warrior, heal your wounds both physical and mental.

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Remember that you can still be happy, you can love and be loved. Please do not give up