Hey people! I already posted a study related article before where I presented some tips that I found are very effective for me. This article is going to serve as the partner to that one, I guess.
I know most of the time, we go and try to study and get distracted or side-tracked by something. To help solve that dilemma, I present to you some things that have worked for me personally!

Grab a drink

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For me, having something to drink while revising is a must! It functions like fuel to help me stay awake. Normally, I get coffee or tea but it depends on the day. Anything to help you refuel.

Don’t be hungry

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Make sure that you eat before you study. A growling stomach is a big distraction, you won’t be able to study with such discomfort. And as a bonus, eat something healthy, not junk food.

Bring water

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One of the reasons that I get up from my desk is thirst. I remember multiple times when I went to get water and I got distracted and I never came back to the desk. Just bring some water to your study space. Another bonus, bring a reusable water bottle instead of a plastic one!

Have everything you need within reach

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This is to avoid getting up from your study space. Before starting your study session, make sure everything you will need is there so you won’t have to scour your whole house looking for something once you need to use it. Make sure you have your pens, extra paper, highlighters and sticky notes if you use them. (I don’t, but I have my way of studying on another article that is linked below lmao.)

Have Google ready in front of you

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I know some people would probably call this a distraction but I never had any issue with it so I might as well share it. While studying, you may come across an unfamiliar word or term, if you have Google ready right in front of you, you’ll figure it out easily. Don’t overuse it and only search if you really have no clue or aren’t entirely sure about a fact.

Listen to ambient music

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The playlist that I listen to while studying is ‘Brain Food’ on Spotify, it just helps me focus and feel in the zone and pumped at the same time. There are multiple playlists for studying on Spotify so if the one I mentioned doesn’t do the trick for you, you can easily find one that does.


Hey! Thank you for reading!

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