So this is me doing the song tag. While some of my favorite songs are listed, I have tons more. You can message me about them if you'd like! :)

1) Song with a number in the title:
♥ 24K- Jae Stephen

2) Song with a color in the title:
♥ Blue Side- J-Hope

3) Song that reminds me of summer:
♥ The Vacation Song- Shane Dawson
♥ Don't Think About It- Justine Skye

4) Song that reminds me of someone I wish to forget:
♥ The Boys of Fall- Kenny Chesney

5) Song that needs to be played out loud:
♥ Like- BTS

6) Song that makes me wanna dance:
♥All In My Head- Fifth Harmony

7) Song to drive to:
♥ Sky Walker- Miguel
♥ Awake- Jin of BTS
♥ Fine- Yugyeom of GOT7

8) Song about drugs or alcohol:
♥ Grind Me Down- Lilianna Wilde

9) Song that makes me happy:
♥ Gotta Be You- One Direction
♥ Anpanman, Serendipity- BTS
♥ Finally- Mamamoo

10) Song that makes me sad:
♥ Don't Forget About Me- CLOVES
♥ Lovely- Billie Eilish, Khalid

11) Song I never get tired of:

12)Song I like from the 80's
♥ Lights- Journey

13) Song that I'd like to play at my wedding:
♥ Suite Bergamasque, L. 75: III. Claire De Lune
♥ Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine

14) Song I like that that's a cover by another artist:
♥ Paper Hearts- Jeon Jungkook

15) Song that's a classic forever:
♥ Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
♥ Purple Rain- Prince

16) Song that I think everyone should listen to:
♥ Autumn Leaves- BTS
♥ Lullaby- GOT7
♥ Pete Davidson- Ariana Grande
♥ Singularity- V of BTS

17) Song I remember from my childhood:
♥ It Wasn't Me- Shaggy

18) Song from a movie:
♥ When You Believe- Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey

19) Song I like by an artist no longer living:
♥ Puppy Love- Paul Anka