The girl was at her breaking point, she was over it, over everything. Every feeling and emotion hit her hard as she was crying trying to hold on. All those memories and the things that made her hopeful were slowly fading away as she held the pills in her hand. She was only supposed to take one for her headache, but she wanted to take them all to take the pain away. Everything would soon be gone as she was listening to “Asleep by The Smiths”, which heightened her emotions even more. She was so close, so so close. Her mouth wide open as she cried with the pills in her hand. She was ready, ready for it all to end. Forget her sixteenth birthday that was next week, forget graduating high school, forget pursing her dreams, forget finding the love of her life. If only she had opened her small little fingers a little more they all would’ve went down. It would have been the end. But all those hopeful things that she was trying to push down came rushing back as she had tried to, tried to give it all up. She dropped the pills in her hand on the bed as she cried harder than before. She was so close, so close this time. Good thing those memories saved her from life and herself.

Songs I think should be played while reading this and after.
(in order)

  • Asleep - 2011 Remastered Version by The Smiths
  • Ode To Sleep by Twenty One Pilots
  • Dying In A Hot Tub by Palaye Royale