Hey guys! I'm marcela and today I'm gonna write the day 10 of the tag "30 Days Writing Challenge"! I hope you like it and can get to know me better.

So let's go...

Day 10: Write something for which you feel strongly about.

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Well, you guys don't know but in my country (Brazil) today we choose the president to the next 4 years. The elected candidate is known to be sexist, homophobic, racist and intolerant in general.

I won't talk about him because I use We Heart It to post/see positive and beautiful things. But, inspired in actual moment of my country I feel so much strongly about my people/destiny.

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In the people (that don't vote him) to fight for your rights and be strong as them never been before.

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And in destiny because I really believe everything happens for one reason. If Brazil needs pass to bad moments, see your worst and all the intolerance that exist here, but we pretend this doesn't exist, to finally grown up, maybe is valid pass for this.

Well, I don't know. I hope the best is yet to come even bad things happens before. That is my way to stand hopeful.

E se vc for brasileira que votou no bolsonaro e estiver lendo isso: sinto muito, não acho que tenha sido uma boa escolha. E não, não acho o Haddad um bom candidato. Aliás acho OS DOIS uma BELA BOSTA! Qualquer um que entrasse ia ser pra fazer merda! Como foi o bozo que entrou, então o texto é sobre o que eu sinto em relação a ele e seu governo. Se fosse o pt, seria sobre eles!

Well guys, that is something I feel strongly about (my people and the future, independent what we have to pass). Thank you for read my article and for your patience with my english. I'm still learning.

Stay beautiful!