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Name: Miriam Ambrose Fairisles

Age: 18 years old

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Ambrose means immortal and divine and they named her that because the maid who took care of Miriam's mother ( Catherine ) when she was young was named Ambrose so it was a tribute to her.


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Her body type is petite, normal weight and not skinny. She has thick thighs and she has a bronze skin. She has black long wavy hair and she has hazel eyes. She may seem innocent and a perfect princess and does everything right but when she doesn't have any royal duties she is a whole different girl.


{ everyday wear }

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When it comes to everyday wear Miriam likes wearing cute simple dress so she can run freely around her huge garden and play with her pets

{ balls / events }

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In royal events she wears her formal clothes: dress, heels, jewellery. She likes to wear light colours but she likes dark red and blue


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She loves some good accessories but she doesn't like to put too much accessories


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Miriam has a special spot in her closet for her crowns, each has a special memory for her.


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She likes very to non makeup but in special occasions she likes being extra. She prefers taking care of her skin than to put makeup on.


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No one forgets Miriam, not because she is the princess of the kingdom but because she is an unforgettable girl. She is kind, honest, fights for what she believes in, strong, intelligent, creative, wise, a protector, lover not a fighter, fearless & wise. In less words she is a badass.


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Her family lives in a big castle, old school architecture and interior design, Miriam's mother is very passionate about architecture and design. Flowers, grand, cozy.


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Miriam's bedroom is the smallest out of all and it is because she wanted too, she has a cozy bedroom with a big bathroom and a huge closet


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Miriam has 2 dogs (Mia and Milos) and they have had babies but they haven't named them yet. She also has a bunny named Lyndon and a horse named Paxton


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Photography, gardening, writing, drawing and painting, baking, travelling, playing music


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Aligist: Someone who can understand all languages Regeneration: The ability to heal quickly. Stop time: Ability to stop all time. Talk to animals: Someone who can understand and talk to animals in a way they understand.

Love interest

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AnnaGrace is a sculptor and daughter of Miriam's mom's friend (Onvia). Miriam has known AnnaGrace since forever because his mom is Miriam's mom's friend. They have been in a relationship for 1 year.

Best friend

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Miriam has a couple of friends in the kingdom: Alexa Wildfire is Miriam's "main" best friend and she is the daughter of the kingdom's baker, Ingrid Wildfire. She has another 3 best friends Rosemarie Adela LeVane, Mackayla Stuart-Lane and Haraya Jeffries. They have their closed group, over the eys people came in and out but that good because now the perfect group has been made

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