Hello dear hearters,
here we are again with a new article. Differently than usual, I am enjoying this season a lot: I used to hate the rain and the frosty air, and I've always waited for Christmas without looking at the beauty of present, but now I have to admit that this strange weather, and the leaves, and the sun, which goes down earlier, are really pleasant.
So today I want to show you a bunch of songs which accompany me, on the bus when I go to school, when I do my homework, when I walk or just before I fall asleep.

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Gunerius - Amanda Delara

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Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

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Waves - Dean Lewis

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Sick Of Losing Soulmates - Dodie

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In My Feelings - Drake

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Be Like You - Ed Sheeran

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Slip - Elliot Moss

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Fy Faen - Hkeem & Temur

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Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz

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Morning - Marc E. Bassy

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Sweather Weather - The Neighbourhood

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10,000 Hours - PRETTYMUCH

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Jocelyn Flores - XXXTentacion

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Every Breaking Wave - U2

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I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

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The Hills - The Weeknd

Friendly reminder: the "Parachutes" album by Coldplay and "5" by Ed Sheeran would also be fantastic soundtracks for your autumnal days!

This is starting to get a little too long, so here you are!
I really recommend these artists because they're amazing, check them out.
Thank you for reading, hope you liked it!